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New in November at Noggin!

’Tis the season for Noggin family fun for everyone. November is full of BIG learning for your little kids with exciting new content. Take a peek at some of our holiday highlights!

New Game! Blue’s Big City Adventure Game: Music & Dance Party

When: November 14

Blue's Clues & You: Music & Dance Party!

Inspired by the new movie launching November 18 on Paramount+! Kids will la-la-la-LOVE their own musical, magical big city adventure with Blue and Rainbow Puppy. 

In this spectacularific interactive game, little learners get clued in to the different genres that spotlight the diversity of music and dance in New York City. 

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Off-Screen Learning! Blue’s Clues and YOUR Musical Adventure

When: Now available

In our Blue’s Big City Adventure: Music & Dance Party! game, Blue and Rainbow Puppy love creating different genres of music in New York City. And now, they’re inviting you and your child to take off on your own musical adventure. 

Encourage your child to grab their favorite instrument (or make their own) for a scavenger hunt around your own city, neighborhood – or even at home!

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New Episodes! School of YUM

When: Throughout November

Cook up delicious recipes for the whole family in the School of YUM kitchen! We have new episodes and shorts that heat up important skills, including math, chemistry, and social & emotional learning. 

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New Episodes! Yoga Friends

When: Throughout November and December

Go with the flow with new episodes of Yoga Friends! Your kids will practice breathing exercises and fun, creative poses alongside Skye, Gil, Lorelai, and our amazing teacher, Stephanie. 

They’ll flex their gross motor skills by working on balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance – while also reducing stress and strengthening focus, memory, and self-esteem!

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Coming Soon! Noggin Knows Season 3

When: December

Launching just in time for the holidays! Noggin Knows is back on the road with an exciting new season – and a new class of familiar characters. Everyone’s favorite teacher Emmanuel is answering some of the BIG questions your little kids’ Noggins have.

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