Blaze Healthy Party Snacks

Kids are sure to dig these healthy Blaze and the Monster Machines party treats!

Blaze Stoplight Snack

Make the ultimate party fuel for your child’s Blaze and the Monster Machines birthday party!

Stoplight skewers are delicious, beautiful, and easy to make. Start by cutting small circles out of watermelon, pineapple, and honeydew. Then, slide them onto wooden skewers and anchor with slices of banana for a nourishing treat that will make kids go, go, go!

You can also transform finger sandwiches into racecar bites. Start by making sandwiches with the birthday child’s favorite flavor combo. Then, place Persian cucumber slices on the sides for wheels. Don’t forget to stick mini toothpick racing flags in each one for an extra, blazing touch.

Ready, set, eat!



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