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Get Ready for a Loud House Filled Holiday Season

Don’t miss the new movie, A Loud House Christmas, coming to Nickelodeon and Paramount+.

A Loud House Christmas is coming to spread holiday joy! See The Loud House cartoon characters come to life for the very first time in this live-action movie. When Lincoln Loud finds out that his family won’t be together for Christmas, he’s devastated that their special traditions will be gone forever. To save the holiday, he teams up with his best buddy Clyde. They come up with a wild plan that leads to Christmas chaos of epic proportions! Tune in to watch the brand-new TV movie, premiering November 26th  at 7PM on Nickelodeon and streaming on Paramount+!

A Loud House Christmas Gingerbread Cutouts

Can’t get enough of The Loud House family? Print out these Loud House characters to use as a decorative surprise, for your gingerbread houses. The perfect snack to watch A Loud House Christmas with!

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