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SpongeBob Printable Trivia Card Game

Use these cards to inspire endless silly games at your next SpongeBob birthday party!

SpongeBob Printable Trivia Cards

Are you a sponge for knowledge? Test your absorbency level with our tricky trivia game!

Question 1: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Just kidding, we wouldn’t make it that easy! Check out the rules below.

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Basic rules:

  • Print trivia game sheets. For multiple uses, try heavyweight paper or cardstock.
  • Cut into individual cards.
  • Assign a leader. Try finding a grownup that can do a convincing pirate/game show host voice for effect. If old enough, the birthday child would also make a great game leader!
  • The leader reads a question aloud.
  • Party guests raise their hands to guess an answer.
  • Whoever guesses the right answer first gets to keep the card.
  • The first person to five cards wins a special prize!

For advanced SpongeBob enthusiasts, try reading the questions without the multiple-choice options!

After playing SpongeBob trivia at your party, receive a personalized phone call from SpongeBob himself (or one of 10 additional characters) when you join the Nickelodeon Birthday Club. It’s free and easy!


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