Rusty Rivets Tool Belt Craft

Design and combine a felt tool belt that looks just like Rusty's.

Rusty Rivets Toolbelt Craft

Get your preschooler geared up and ready to design and combine with this simple, no-sew tool belt project!

What You’ll Need
½ Yard gray polar fleece
Fun foam in orange, red, and black

How to Make

Rusty Rivets Toolbelt Craft

Step One: Mark up polar fleece according to diagram above and cut out tool belt and pockets.

Rusty Rivets Toolbelt Craft

Step Two: Cut out lightening bolts, black stripes and small tools from fun foam. Use a hole punch to create rivets from black fun foam.

Rusty Rivets Toolbelt Craft

Step Three: Fold top rectangle in half to edge of hanging pockets to create waistband and glue in place.

Rusty Rivets Toolbelt Craft

Step Four: Attach black diagonal stripes to waistband of belt. Attach pockets and rivets.

Rusty Rivets Toolbelt Craft

Step Five: Glue Velcro onto each end of waistband. Stuff pockets with pencils, foam tools and scrap paper for invention notes.



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