5 Things to Do Before the PAW Patrol Live at Home Show

Build up excitement with some pre-show celebrations.

Get the whole litter excited for the PAW Patrol Live at Home Show on April 24 & April 25 with pre-game chatter, trivia, snacks, and coloring activities. Purchase your tickets HERE

1. PAW Patrol fans can cheer their favorite pups while watching the PAW Patrol Live at Home interactive virtual event by printing, coloring, and cutting out these mini pom poms.


2. Get your pup-corn! Print these templates out on card stock or heavy weight paper and assemble to create cool snack containers.

PAW Patrol Pupcorn Holders


3. Countdown the minutes before the show by coloring your kiddos favorite pups right in your living room.

Paw Patrol Coloring Pack


4. It’s off to the races. Print, cut, play. Easy. Your kid can have a photo op before the show!

Everest Birthday Party Photobooth Set


5. Perfect your punchlines while making your pals howl with laughter. The perfect companion for all those canine comedians out there is a joke pack.

PAW Patrol Colorable Joke Pack


PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

PAW Patrol Liberty Coloring Pack

SpongeBob Birthday Party

Make Your Own Jumping Jellyfish!