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Our Best SpongeBob Printables and Activities

Fun indoor activities for your kid, featuring their favorite undersea sponge!

SpongeBob Trivia Game

Test everyone’s SpongeBob knowledge with this tricky trivia game. All you have to do is print out and play.

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Color that Scene!

SpongeBob You Bring the Color Printables

Encourage kids to get creative as they color in their favorite Bikini Bottom friends in this printable coloring sheet.

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Get Creative at Mealtime

Spongebob Party Placemats

These printable placemats are the perfect grab-and-go entertainment for a meal at a restaurant, dinner time at home, or everyday coloring time.

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Hide the Sponge Game

Hide the SpongeBob GamePut a twist on the classic game of hide and seek with this fun indoor activity. Find the full instructions, as well as modifications on the gameplay, here.

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DIY Treasure Chest

Every kid needs their own treasure chest, right?! Create this easy DIY treasure chest craft to protect yer gold!

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SpongeBob Crossword Puzzle

Race your kid to see who can complete the crossword puzzle first for a Bikini Bottom Challenge!

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Our Favorite SpongeBob Coloring Sheets

Print out this multi-page coloring pack to add a splash of color to these Bikini Bottom residents.

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3D Papercraft

3-D SpongeBob Paper Craft

Challenge your families paper-crafting skills with this 3D SpongeBob!

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Watch SpongeBob, everyday on Nickelodeon! Plus, check out his YouTube channel here.