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Blaze Light Riders Scratch Paper

Kids can light up the night like Blaze with this super-charged art project.

Blaze Scratch Paper

Help your child create an electrifying, totally high voltage craft that’s as much fun to make as it is to play with:

What You’ll Need

Cardstock paper (or heavyweight paper)
Black washable paint
Liquid laundry detergent
Paint brush
Dowels, coins, and other items for scratching

How to Make

Step One: Cover your work space and lay out cardstock and crayons.

Step Two: Have kids color in their sheet of cardstock. Make sure they completely cover the sheet so no white shows through.

Step Three: Adults only (this part can get messy): mix one part paint and one part detergent, combining completely.

Step Four: Set out bowls of mixture and allow paint their colored-in cardstock, making sure to apply several layers so no crayon shows through.

Step Five: Set aside cardstock and allow to dry completely.

Step Six: Once dry, kids can scratch out designs like lightening bolts and monster machines. Ready, Set, GLOW!

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