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Where are Rubble, Skye, Santiago, and Molly headed next?

Season 2 of Noggin Knows is on the go!

Noggin Knows is an original educational series developed by Noggin, the interactive learning service from Nickelodeon. Kids join an exciting virtual class alongside Rubble, Skye, Santiago, and Molly – led by their dynamic teacher Emmanuel Carter. In season two, the Noggin Knows class embarks on an educational virtual field trip across the United States! Travel along with your child and learn about different people, places, and cultures from all around the country.
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Get a sneak peek to six places the Noggin Knows class visits in season 2. Read through the below hints with your child and try to guess where they’re headed next!

Hint #1:

The first stop for the Noggin Knows class is in a very busy city that’s home to a huge famous statue. This statue stands surrounded by water, welcoming friends near and far to the United States! 

Where Is the Noggin Knows class? 


Hint #2:

Emmanuel and his class are visiting this peninsula state, which is home to many groups of Indigenous Americans, like the Seminole people. The Seminole people have lived around this area for a long, long time before anyone else. 


Where Is the Noggin Knows class? 


Hint #3:

Next stop? A big city in California where lots of people live and work – and where you can find food from many different cultures. One more hint: It’s famous for a huge sign on a mountain! 

Where Is the Noggin Knows class? 


Hint #4:

It’s a day on the bay for the Noggin Knows class. This big bay on the coast of northern California is teeming with tons of ocean life.

Where Is the Noggin Knows class? 


Hint #5:

Emmanuel and the gang are headed to a national park – in fact, it was the first national park in the United States. This huge park is home to many wildlife, waterfalls, and geysers, including a famous one named Old Faithful. 


Where Is the Noggin Knows class? 


Hint #6:

The Noggin Knows bus is headed to a place nicknamed “Music City”! A long river runs throughout the entire city, which is filled with lots of musicians and different kinds of music – particularly folk music.

Where Is the Noggin Knows class? 


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