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SpongeBob Easter Basket

Delight your kids with this Bikini Bottom bundle of holiday toys and treats.

SpongeBob Easter Basket

Get ready, because we’re cookin’ up loads of fun for Easter! Brighten up your kid’s Easter basket with the happiest sponge in Bikini Bottom. With SpongeBob-themed snacks and treats ranging from jolly juices to gummy patties, your child is sure to have a sponge-tastic holiday.

What You’ll Need

Easter basket
Green basket filling
SpongeBob Easter Eggs
SpongeBob dipping candy
Gummy krabby patties
SpongeBob good2grow juice
Yellow cellophane wrap
Green ribbon

So why buy a normal Easter basket when you can put together a SpongeBob Easter basket? These Bikini Bottom treats are sure to add a splash of fun!

SpongeBob Easter Basket


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