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SpongeBob Sponge & Pineapple Ornaments

Deck the halls with boughs of SpongeBob!

SpongeBob Sponge Ornament Craft

‘Tis the season to be absorbent. Soak up the holidays by taking your Christmas tree to the next level with ornaments made of pine-APPLE-cones and sponge…BOB. They’re sure to be the life of any Christmas party, on land or under the sea!

Sponge Ornaments

What You’ll Need

Sponge Bob Expression Faces and Circle Template (print below!)
White cardstock
2″ circle punch
Decoupage glue
Wax paper
Paint brush
Ornament wire
Wire cutters
Mini jingle bells

Print Now

How to Make

SpongeBob Sponge Ornament Craft

Step One: Print template on white card stock. Loosely cut around each template face with scissors. Use 2″ circle punch to punch out each face.

Step Two: Use scissors to cut out sponge circle template. Place sponge circle template on sponge, trace with a pencil and cut out with scissors.

Step Three: With wire cutters, snip a 5 inch piece of ornament wire for wire spool. Poke wire through top center of sponge circle. Fold wire to keep it in place.

Step Four: With a paint brush and decoupage glue, paint one side of sponge circle and the sides. Also, paint the backside of one template face and place on center of sponge circle. Use the brush with glue to adhere the face to sponge, painting an even layer over face.

Step Five: Hold ornament wire and paint backside of sponge circle with glue. Bend wire to prop up sponge and place on wax paper to dry. Repeat painting with glue if necessary.

Step Six: When dry, add three mini jingle bells and tinsel to ornament wire. Twist wire to secure. Repeat process for all six SpongeBob faces!

SpongeBob Pineapple Ornaments

Pineapple Ornaments

What You’ll Need

Golden yellow spray paint
White glue
Gold Glitter
Glitter tray (paper plate or piece of paper)
Green cardstock
Hot glue gun
Gold ornament wire
Wire cutters

How to Make

Step One: In a well ventilated space or outdoors, lay newspaper out and spray paint pinecones with a golden yellow paint. Be sure to paint from all angles and inside the cones as well. Let dry completely.

Step Two: With wire cutters, cut a 6″ piece of ornament wire. Wrap wire around center stem of pinecone, twisting wire around itself tightly to secure.

Step Three: With a paint brush, paint the tips of the pinecones with white glue. Sprinkle gold glitter onto glue, working over a glitter tray to collect extra glitter. Let dry.

Step Four: Cut out pineapple fronds from green cardstock.

Step Five: With hot glue, attach leaves to top center of pinecone, in front of the ornament wire. Let set. Twist ornament wire around tree branch or garland to hang!


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