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Top 10 Dora the Explorer Printables of All Time

Check out some of our favorite Dora the Explorer coloring pages, activity packs, games and more!

Top 10 Dora Printables of All Time

If your preschooler loves Dora the Explorer, you know that they love joining Dora on her exciting adventures with Boots, Backpack, Map, and Swiper!

Next time you need to entertain your Dora fan, trade in a trip to the store to for a trip to your printer!

Here are some of our all-time favorite Dora printables:

10. Dora Activity Placemats

Dora Activity Placemats

Sitting at the table has never been more of an adventure! These colorable placemats are packed with challenging and engaging activities for your kids.

9. Dora Loves Boots Coloring Pack

Dora Valentine's Coloring Pack

Everyone knows Dora loves Boots, and she’s showing it with a big hug! Break out the crayons for some lovey-dovey fun.

8. Backpack Goody Bags

Backpack Goody Bags

Send each party guest home on a new aventura with these printable goody bag templates!

7. Dora and Boots Ice Skating Puzzle

Dora Skating Puzzle

Dora and Boots are hitting the ice this winter. It’s up to your little Dora fan to complete the scene!

6. Dora Summertime Coloring Pack

Dora Summer Coloring Pack

The activities in this five-page coloring pack will get your little ones excited for sun-sational adventures.

5. Supermarket Bingo

Dora Supermarket Bingo Game

Let Dora help you turn necessary grocery shopping runs into a learning activity for your child!

4. Gymnastics Coloring Pack

Dora Gymnastics Coloring

Kids can color in Dora, Isa, Benny, and Boots as they do their floor routines and always get back on the horse.

3. Around the World Coloring Pack

Dora Around the World Coloring Pack

There’s a whole world out there to explore, and your child can find it in this coloring pack with Dora, Boots, and their international friends.

2. Dora Rocks! Coloring Pack

Dora Rocks Coloring Song Sheets

Why be a Grumpy Old Troll when you can rock and roll? Your little on can learn the lyrics to Dora’s sing-along songs while coloring in Dora and all her rockin’ friends!

1. Pin the Tail on Swiper

Pin the Tail on Swiper

Aw, maaaaan! Kids are sure to love this super, Swiper take on the classic party game.


Springtime Coloring Pack

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