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Watermelon Mmmmonster Machine Recipe

Carve Blaze out of fruit and veggies for a yummy, healthy snack!

Blaze Watermelon Mmmmonster Machine Recipe

This wonderful watermelon mmmmonster machine arrangement does double duty: It fuels kids’ bellies and serves as the perfect centerpiece for a Blaze-themed birthday party!

(Difficulty Level: Medium)

What You’ll Need
1/2 Small watermelon
1 Mango
Black olives, sliced
2 Persian cucumbers
1 Sheet nori
1 Can of corn
1 Cup pomegranate seeds
1 Slice swiss cheese
½ Green bell pepper
½ Red bell pepper
1 Thick slice of pineapple
2 Pieces of green leaf lettuce
2 Sesame seeds
Paring knife

How to Make

Note: Use photos for reference when shaping ingredients and arranging them on the platter.

Step One: Prep the ingredients:

Slice the watermelon and mango into Blazes face and flame shapes. Cut a small round of watermelon for Blaze’s wheel.

Slice one cog shape out of a cucumber slice. Cut the rest of the cucumbers into thin slices.

Cut the sheet of nori into a curved road. Turn the remaining scraps of nori into Blaze’s eyes, window, grills, and mouth shapes.

Slice the cheese into two rectangles to make Blaze’s eyes, and one thin crescent to make his mouth.

Cut two circles out of the green pepper to make Blaze’s irises.

Cut a ‘B’–for Blaze!–out of the red pepper.

Blaze Watermelon Mmmmonster Machine Recipe

Step Two: Arrange lettuce, cucumbers, nori, pomegranate seeds & corn kernels onto a platter. Place Blaze’s face on the platter and arrange his facial details: eyes, windows, grill, headlights, and mouth. Complete Blaze’s eyes with two sliced olives and 2 sesame seeds.

Blaze Watermelon Mmmmonster Machine Recipe

Step Three: Add the pineapple ring, small round of watermelon, and cucumber ‘cog’ to create Blaze’s monster machine tire.

Blaze Watermelon Mmmmonster Machine Recipe

Step Four: Arrange the watermelon & mango flames in the top right-hand corner of the plate.

Blaze Watermelon Mmmmonster Machine Recipe

Step Five: Top the flames with the red pepper “B.”

Blaze Watermelon Mmmmonster Machine Recipe

Let’s Blaaaze!



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