Our Favorite Fun and Flavorful After School Snacks

We've got the cure for afternoon hungrumps with TMNT, PAW Patrol, and more!

Afterschool Snacks

Snacking is way better with a theme, so we’ve assembled our top after school snack recipes inspired by Nick and Nick Jr.:

TMNT Fruity Face

TMNT Fruity Face Fruit Platter Recipe

A snack that looks like a turtles, and tastes grape! Fruit salad with shell of a twist.

SpongeBob Pineapple Parfait

SpongeBob Pineapple Parfait Recipe
Turn a mason jar with healthy ingredients into SpongeBob’s pineapple with a simple printable.

Pickle Pickle

Blaze "Pickle" Pickle Recipe
The perfect sidekick to any snack: Turn an ordinary pickle into a Blaze and the Monster Machines Pickle!

Ants on a Log

21 Ways to Reinvent "Ants on a Log"
21 different variations on history’s most classic after school snack.

Bubble Guppies Fish Food 

Bubble Guppies Fish Food

These tiny sea snacks are swimmingly scrumptious!

PAW Patrol Pear Badge

PAW Patrol Pear Badge

Arrange some fresh and healthy fruit into a badge shape to make your child an honorary member of the PAW Patrol.







Preschool Printables

Sea Patrol Printable Treasure Map

Creative Lunches

Sunflower Butter Sandwich