Peppa Pig Tea Party

These tea time snack ideas are anything but a boar!

Peppa Pig Healthy Tea Party

A Peppa Pig tea party is a tea-riffic way to spend an afternoon play date. Not only can it help teach your child table manners and expand their imagination, but it can also be a great, silly bonding experience for everyone involved. Go ahead and pig out on these Peppa-themed foods while you, your child, and their friends chit-chat. And don’t forget–pinkies up!

What to Make

  • Mummy Pig’s Muddy Puddles: Kids can have fun making this “muddy” snack based on Peppa’s favorite playtime activity! Just spread some peanut butter or chocolate spread on a whole wheat tortilla and drop in a few of your favorite nuts for protein.
  • Peppa’s PB + Jam Sammies: Cut a classic PB&J into bit size pieces for a kid-friendly take on the tea time finger sandwich!
  • Granny Pig’s Grapes: Simply fill a cup with grapes for a nutritious treat!
  • Daddy Pig’s Fish + Chips: Goldfish and chocolate chips make for a punny spin on the authentic British dish. Your little one will love it.
  • Grandpa Pig’s Veggie Sticks: Chop up some carrots and celery to munch on. You can dip them in peanut butter or hummus for the ultimate parTEA snack.