Shimmer and Shine Healthier Donut Recipe

Make this treat alternative with your Shimmer and Shine fan.

Healthier Donut Recipe

Is your hungry little genie is wishing for donuts, but you were hoping they would reach for some fruit? Boom Zaharamay! A healthier donut recipe is the perfect compromise. This easy-to-make option uses an apple as its base, ensuring your child gets the nutrients they need to shimmer and shine.

What You’ll Need

Piping tip
Pink and blue food coloring
Cream cheese

How to Make

Step One: Whisk together the honey, cream cheese and food coloring.

Step Two: Slice and core the apples.

Step Three: Use the spatula to frost the apples with the cream cheese mixture.

Step Four: Add the sprinkles and enjoy!

Who knew making simple ingredient swaps could make everyone so magically happy?


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