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35 Wacky and Wild Gift Ideas

It’s a bonanza for SpongeBob, JoJo Siwa, and old-school slime fans.

Action figures, games, kits, toys, and gear for all your gifting needs!

Nick Characters Slime Sweatshirt
Your kid will ooze personality.
Available at

Super Duper Slimey Blendz Kit
Make multiple combinations of colorful, crunchy, sticky, fun stuff.
Available at

Nick Splat Slime Sweatshirt
It’s a classic.
Available at

Super Slime Unboxing Kit
Have a blast with colorants, glitter, bead add-ins, and more in this slime surprise.
Available at Kohl’s.

SpongeBob’s Rubik’s Cube
Twist and turn Patrick, Squidward, Sandy Cheeks, and Plankton in this 3D puzzle.
Available at

Nickelodeon Kart Racer’s 2 Video Game
Assemble the ultimate pit crew by selecting from 30 playable racers and 70 team members.
Available at Walmart

What Do You Meme Expansion Pack
Sixty cards to add to your kid’s core game.
Available at

JoJo Siwa Touchscreen Watch
Interactive and totally pink!
Available at

JoJo Siwa Doll and Bows
It’s always a good hair day for this posable action doll and her signature blonde mane.
Available at Walmart

JoJo Siwa 15 Days of Socks
Get funky everyday of the week (and then some).
Available at Target

Nickelodeon 15 Days of Socks
When you’ve got Nick on the brain, stick them on the feet.
Available at Target

Avatar Action Figures
Call on these little friends for a helping hand at imaginative play.
Available at Walmart

TMNT Comic Book Figure Bundle Pack
Action figures packaged in a totally tubular TMNT van.
Available at Walmart

SpongeBob Holiday Sweater
Have a Krabby Christmas.
Available at

SpongeBob Face Buffs
Show your love for Bikini Bottom wherever you go.
Available at

Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Video Game
A remake of the best SpongeBob games — use the skills of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy to thwart Plankton’s evil plan to rule Bikini Bottom.
Available at Walmart

Pop ‘N’ Race Board Game
Pop the die popper and race around the game board to try to get your movers home fast.
Available at

Super 7 Collectible Figures
The coolest SpongeBob figurines for fanatics.
Available at

SpongeBob Movie Funkos
A stylized, miniature POP vinyl version of those hilariously sandy pals.
Available at

Juno Makeup Sponges
Best-selling makeup sponges with a Bikini Bottom twist.
Available at

SpongeBob Makeup Erasers
Easy makeup removal with magic microfiber.
Available at

SpongeBob Kid’s Pajama Set
Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the krabbies bite!
Available at Walmart

SpongeBob Blanket
Wrap yourself in a gigantic picture of that lovable sponge.
Available at Walmart

JoJo Siwa Hoverboard
Two-wheel balance board (in Bow and Heart designs) with light-up wheels and a waterproof shell — for all-weather fun.
Available at Walmart

JoJo Siwa Footwear
Shiny (of course), pink (of course), with an outrageously large bow (duh).
Available at Walmart

JoJo Siwa Tie-Dye Kit
Add dye powder to this graphic tee to make it magical.
Available at Target

Plushies so cute you just want to squish them!
Available at Claire’s

It’s Time to Celebrate Doll
The colorful JoJo action figure comes with a microphone and interchangeable bows.
Available at Walmart

JoJo Siwa Drink Tumbler with Lollipops
Daydreamers: Slurp stylishly!
Available at Target

JoJo Siwa Hot Cocoa Mug Kit
Warm up with a unicorn cuppa of hot chocolate mix.
Available at Target

Sing-Along Boom Box
Purse-shaped, decked with a bow, and microphone for belting tunes. It’s super cute.
Available at Target

JoJo Siwa Construction Set
Fans can build a dream stage or candy store.
Available at 5 Below

JoJo Siwa Caboodle
Pack it, organize it, take it on the go: bows, jewelry, small toys, and c-a-n-d-y.
Available at Kohl’s

Sleepwear Robe, Sleep Onesie, Holiday Dress
Shine on in JoJo Siwa dazzling sleepwear, day wear, and cozy clothes. The show must go on!
Available at Target, Kohl’s, and Walmart

JoJo Siwa Bows
You can use them to decorate your own ode-to-JoJo tree!
Available at Walmart


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