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5 Books for Your Kid’s Fall Reading List

Stock up your at-home library

Sweet, silly, new, old — a well-rounded book round-up will keep your little reader continually turning the pages.

Who Will You Be?, by Andrea Pippins

A bright and beautiful picture book about how community and family shape who we become starts with a mom wondering who her baby will grow up to be. 

The Giggler Treatment, by Roddy Doyle

A warning to any grownups out there who dare to be mean to kids. They’re in for a punishment from the elfish pranksters known as the Gigglers (spoiler alert: it has to do with dog poo). It’s rude, wacky, and gross! Obviously, kids love it.

What Do People Do All Day?, by Richard Scarry

Find out everything going on in Busytown with Scarry’s classic illustrations and explanations — detailed, educational, beautiful — and silly scenarios — pigs cooking eggs and bacon, a goat wearing earrings, a wild boar getting a haircut. 

The Last of the Really Good Whangdoodles, by Julie Andrews Edwards

A professor and four children are on the lookout for a most remarkable and wise creature, living in a secret, hard-to-reach land of extraordinary creatures (the kind humans don’t believe in). It’s an effortlessly irresistible Oz, a Wonka Land for those who want to keep their minds open to endless possibilities. 

Mixed Me, by Taye Diggs

Mike is just a kid. But everyone sure has a lot of questions about him being mixed. He’s a perfect blend of his mom and dad — why isn’t that answer enough? This boldly drawn picture book is all about affirmation and self-acceptance. 


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