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A Shimmer and Shine Totally Divine Genie Up-do

Create some magic for your little one with this super-simple hairstyle.

Genie Up-do

Now, be honest

How many of you dressed up as Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie one Halloween or had a Jeannie-themed birthday party when you were a kid? I’m raising my hand here, folks. It was a particularly tepid October 31 that year. Thank goodness, my parents had the foresight to layer a nude bodysuit under my pink harem pants instead of baring my little belly to below-freezing temperatures.

What really made the outfit a home run was the ultimate Barbara Eden hair-do, amiright? Now you can draw on that old-school inspiration when helping craft the hair for your little one’s perfect Shimmer and Shine genie costume!

The steps are simple:

Step One: Using a paddle brush, gather the hair up into a high ponytail, sitting at the crown of the head.

Step Two: Collect the strands of the ponytail and coil into a tight bun.

Step Three: Brush out the hair of a long ponytail extension (available at any beauty supply store).

Step Four: Clamp the ponytail extension on top of the bun.

Step Five: Fan out the extension’s locks around the head or twirl into one loose corkscrew curl.

Et voilà and boom zahramay! Your little genie will look positively enchanting.

Genie Up-do Step 2