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5 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied in Small Spaces

No space? No problem. Easy, entertaining ideas are in close reach.

Confined, sure. But your creativity can still run wild. Let those littles get their energy out while making the most of tight spaces.

Close Quarters Freeze Dance

Clear a small area and use masking tape to make Xs on the floor — one for each child playing. Have the kids show off their best moves while always keeping one body part on the X (foot, knee, elbow, head) as you stop and start the music. The last kid standing wins. (Alternatively, you could judge on style and creativity.)

Snail Race 

How slow can you go? Get from point A to point B at a snail’s pace — running is an immediate disqualification — crawling, slithering, gliding, slowly and steadily to the finish line. Extra points for snail-like grace.

Door Jam Limbo

Use a piece of masking or electrical tape in the doorframe in lieu of a broom or stick. Play music at intervals, with kids passing under the tape without letting it touch their body. Start high, go low. And go.

Homestyle Scavenger Hunt

Write the letters of the alphabet on cards and throw them into a bowl. Have the kids select one and send them off to find three items in the house that start with that letter. Bonus match: After playing several rounds, make the kids form a sentence using all the objects they’ve collected.

Bathtub Puppet Theater

All the world’s a stage — even the bathroom. Have kids perform puppetry from inside the dry tub or behind the shower curtain. Audience members take their seats wherever they see fit. Flush for an encore.