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Blaze and the Monster Machines PinWHEEL Snacks

These blazing 5-ingredient recipes are as easy to make as they are healthy and delicious!

Blaze Firetruck Pinwheel Snacks

Leeeeeeeeeet’s crave!

In the Blaze and the Monster Machines episode, “5 Alarm Blaze,” our favorite Monster Machine extraordinaire transforms into a fire-hose-wielding hero. Racing around, saving the day works up an appetite, so we’ve made a healthy snack inspired by Blaze’s wheels and fit for your own little hero at home!

(Difficulty Level: Easy)

What You’ll Need

Savory Version
Sundried tomato wraps
1 sweet red bell pepper, sliced
1 bag of sun dried tomatoes
1 ripe red tomato, sliced
1 tub of roasted red pepper hummus (or other red-ish variety)

Blaze Firetruck Pinwheel Snacks

Sweet Version
Whole wheat wraps
1 tub of strawberry cream cheese (we used dairy-free!)
10 raspberries, halved
10 strawberries, halved
1 bag of dried cherries or cranberries

How to Make

Step One: Spread a thin layer of hummus or cream cheese across a single wrap.

Step Two: Allow your child to place pre-cut slices of veggies or fruit across the top. Encourage alternation between fillings to practice counting and patterns.

Step Three: Help little hands roll up the wraps into a wheel shape. Slice and serve!


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