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Bubble Guppies Pirate Board Game

Plan a piratey play date and share the treasure of fun & learning.

Bubble Guppies Pirate Board Game

Ahoy, Matey! The Guppies know how to hunt down hidden treasure by putting their knowledge of maps and landmarks into practice, and now your kids can do the same! Just print and assemble this simple board game, complete with character pieces and a spinner. When all game pieces are on deck, kids can count their way to the finish line, while developing a life-long love for learning.

(Difficulty Level: Easy)

What You’ll Need:

X Marks the Spot Game Board

Game Board Pieces

Game Board Spinner

Glue or tape

Hole punch

Brass fastener


How to Make:

Step 1: Print the X Marks the Spot game board, pieces, and spinner on card stock or heavy weight paper. Cut out all the pieces. For durability and sturdiness, attach the printables to light cardboard such as a cereal box.

Step 2: Assemble the game board by following the instructions included on the printables.

Step 3: To make the spinner, punch a hole where indicated on both printables and attach the spork to the wheel by inserting a brass fastener into the holes.

Step 4: Create the game pieces by folding each character down the center and then unfolding. Next, fold up the base along the solid black line. Apply glue on the back of the printable (do not apply glue to the base) and fold the printable back along the center.


How to Play:

Allow kids to select the character piece they would like to play with, and then let each child take turns spinning the spinner to determine who would go first. The player who spins the highest number should go first, followed by the next highest spinner, and so forth. Game pieces should be placed on the square labeled “start.”

Explain to kids what the icons on the board mean by reading the key. If kids land on any of the icons located on the game board and shown in the key, they will move their pieces forward or backward as indicated. If a player lands on the square next to the bridge (indicated by arrows), they can cross the bridge.

The player to make it to the “X” first, wins the game. Good luck, treasure hunters.

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