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Salt Painting with the Bubble Guppies

Bring the Bubble Guppies to life with this fun DIY puffy paint technique.

Bubble Guppies Salt Painting DIY

Raised salt paintings are an all-time favorite kids art activity by toddlers and big kids alike. Just ask our salt-water friends, the Bubble Guppies!

Bubble Guppies Salt Painting Materials

What You’ll Need:

  • Bubble Guppies printable
  • Glue
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Paint brush (or water dropper)


STEP 1Print out the Bubble Guppies coloring pages below.

Print Now

STEP 2: Outline the Bubble Guppies using glue.

Bubble Guppies Salt Painting Step 2

STEP 3Add salt on top and carefully shake the paper to make sure all of the glue is covered. Pour out any excess salt.

Bubble Guppies Salt Painting Step 2

STEP 4Create watercolors using a bit of water and food coloring. Alternatively, you can use prepackaged watercolor paint.

Bubble Guppies Salt Painting Step 4a

STEP 5Lightly dab the salt outline with a watercolor filled paintbrush or water dropper filled with your paint. You’ll notice the salt absorb the color and spread evenly, creating beautiful works of art.

Bubble Guppies Salt Painting Step 4
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