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Casey Jones Eggs Vigilante Recipe

Transform a boring hard-boiled egg into a crime fighting snack!

Casey Jones Eggs Vigilante Recipe

Casey Jones, human ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, never plays by the rules. He wears a hockey mask and brings a ton of attitude to the team. Embrace your inner Casey Jones and break the rules…by playing with your food! Follow these instructions to mutate your simple snack into a masked vigilante. Bad dudes fear Casey Jones, but your taste buds won’t!

What You’ll Need

1 Hard boiled egg, cooled & peeled
1 Slice Monterey Jack cheese (substitute jicama for dairy-free)
1 Slice Cheddar cheese (substitute jicama for dairy-free)
1 Tsp poppy seeds
¼ Cup rice crackers
½ Cucumber, sliced
4 Leaves of green leaf lettuce
½ Orange bell pepper
Paring knife
How to Make

Note: Use photos for reference when shaping ingredients and arranging them on the plate.

Step One: Prep the ingredients:

Slice Monterey Jack into hockey sticks and slice Cheddar cheese hockey stick line accents.


Using the paring knife, carve the face mask shape into the egg.


Use a toothpick to place poppy seeds onto the mask.

Step Two: Cut a “C” and a “J” from the orange pepper.


Step Three: Arrange the lettuce, rice crackers and cucumber on a plate. Add the egg on top and finished with Casey Jones’ orange pepper initials!


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