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Take Your Family on a NYC Adventure with Dora and Her Friends!

Plan your next trip with Dora, New York City's newest family ambassador.

Dora in New York City

The holidays are almost here, and you and your family might just be planning a trip to New York City to join in the festivities. Did you know that your child’s most adventurous bilingual friend will be there to guide you through the crowds, skyscrapers, and hot dog stands, straight to the city’s most family-friendly sites? That’s right; Dora is NYC’s newest family embajadora!

From Playa Verde to Park Avenue, Dora has been enlisted as a family ambassador in the city’s first-ever bilingual tourism campaign. That means she’ll be popping up throughout the five boroughs on signs and taxicab TV commercials, activity booklets at hotels and cultural organizations, and on social media via the hashtag #nycgofamily. ¡Qué maravilloso!

So come to NYC and join an epic scavenger hunt around the big city with Dora and her friends:

Kate in New York City

Step One: Is that Kate at one of Manhattan’s fabulous kid-oriented museos? When you make it here, your jaw will drop at the sight of the fossilized skeleton of the most terrifying dinosaurio, the mighty T-rex.

Alana in New York City

Step Two: Follow Alana to New York’s largest zoológico to visit some of Dora’s furrier friends. Leones, y tigres, e osos, oh my! This massive metropolitan zoo has plenty of ‘em.

Naiya in New York City

Step Three: And make sure you join Naiya in NYC’s favorite holiday activity: ice-skating!

Dora’s NYC Passport booklet provides the perfect fun facts and themed activities to keep your little one amused at all times, whether you’re riding the subway to your next destination or at the top of one of New York’s tallest buildings. Dora’s got plenty of NYC tidbits to share. For instance, did you know that the Empire State Building is as tall as 2,181 New York City hot dogs? ¡Qué grande!

You can check out more of Dora’s NYC pointers on her Family Ambassador campaign website: ¡Buen viaje!


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