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Genie Dream Lights Craft

Set the scene for a sleepover or add a little extra shine to your every day

Light up the night with some genie magic! Make a string of DIY Genie Dream Lights with your child, then cuddle up with a Tala or Nahal plush while watching your favorite episode of Shimmer and Shine.

(Difficulty Level: Medium)

What You’ll Need

10 Disposable plastic drinking cups (thin and clear, or lightly frosted)
Gold, blue, and pink glitter
Decoupage glue
Paint brush
Garbage bag
White string lights (with 20 tiny light bulbs)
2 Nylon zip ties

How To Make

Step One: Poke a small hole into the bottom of each of the 10 plastic cups. With a pair of scissors, cut an X shape through each hole.

Step Two: Use a paint brush to coat the outside of one cup with decoupage glue. Make sure to also cover the rim and bottom.

Step Three: Sprinkle pink glitter onto the wet decoupage glue.

Repeat steps two and three with each cup until you have 3 blue cups, 3 gold cups, and 4 pink cups. Allow several hours for cups to dry.

Step Four: Take one dry cup at a time and carefully push a string light bulb through each cup’s X mark. Start one bulb in from the end and alternate glitter colors. Make sure to skip a bulb each time, until all 10 cups are strung across the entire string of lights.

Step Five: Use a nylon zip tie to attach each end of the string of lights to your desired area. Trim the hanging end of the zip tie with a pair of scissors. Sturdy string or rope would also work.

Note: These lights should not get hot and will not melt the cups. However, I do recommend that you unplug the lights when you are not in the room with your child as a precautionary measure and to help conserve electricity.



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