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Halloween Ideas for You and Your Little Boos

Dress up, decorate, stay safe, silly, and sane.

Maybe your Oct. 31 will look a little different this year. But different does not mean less candy, less costumes, or less fun. Use some creativity, get spooked, and make some new traditions.

Dress the Part

DIY Peppa Pig Costume

First thing’s first. Choose and craft a cool costume. Kids will love adding their own homemade elements to the mix and try on their duds over multiple days (why not?!).

Decorate Outside to Show How You Feel Inside

Give passersby a reason to stop and smile with not-so-scary window decorations featuring your kid’s favorite Nick characters.

Show Off Your Harvest

Pumpkin Stencils

Take the quintessential pumpkin decorating to the next level with printable stencils that make for impressive-looking (and not so typical) jack-o-lanterns.

Let little kids get in on the fun with painting and singing.

Keep It Festive In Your Pod

Nick Jr. Halloween Activity Pack

Keep tiny hands busy with themed activity packs and printables featuring favorite Nick Jr pals in all their Halloween glory.

Make the big kids work for their candy by setting up a scavenger hunt in the backyard.

Make Those Treats Sweet

Try out a cute-as-a-puppy take on decorated candy apples.

TMNT Autumn Candy Apples

Or turn your green apples into edible ninja snacks.

Nick Jr. Haunted House Party Cake

Scrapping trick-or-treating altogether? Get ambitious and build a spooky gingerbread mansion. Or make it into a decorating competition and have the family compete for the silliest, sweetest, or scariest cookie house on the block.


Four TMNT Lunches

Back to School

DIY Ninja Masks!

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