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Nick Jr. Holiday Countdown Calendar

Hide little surprises and count down ‘til Christmas with your child.

Nick Jr. Holiday Countdown Calendar

12 Crushers crushing
11 Marshalls marching
10 Shimmers shining…

…You know how the song goes!

Follow the instructions below for a Nick-Jr.-themed countdown calendar.

(Difficulty Level: Difficult)

What You’ll Need

24 sliding paper boxes, available at your local craft store (substitute matchboxes)
Hot glue
Double-sided mounting adhesive sheets
Mini white pom-poms
Nick Jr. gift wrap (print below!)
Printer paper
Teal paper
Scissors or craft knife

Print Now

How to Make

Step One: Glue a row of four boxes side by side using a hot glue gun.

Step Two: Continue gluing, row by row, until you have a stack four boxes wide by six boxes tall, a total of 24 boxes. Make sure that all boxes are aligned and stacked neatly!

Step Three: Trace and cut one box front onto a sheet of paper. This will serve as your box front template!

Step Four: Adhere one mounting adhesive sheet to back of a teal sheet of paper and use your box front template to cut 24 box front covers using scissors or a craft knife.

Step Five: Remove paper backing and adhere teal paper to box fronts. Hot glue a mini pom-pom on center of each box front.

Step Six: Make the back of the calendar: Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the stacked boxes. Cover cardboard with teal paper using a mounting adhesive sheet. Hot glue cardboard to back, outside edge of stacked boxes.

Step Seven: Print wrapping paper template and put a mounting adhesive sheet on the back of color of your choice. Trim if necessary.

Step Eight: Peel adhesive and stick wrapping paper to four side edges of stacked boxes. 

You’re finished! Hide personal mini messages or tiny toys inside the boxes for your child to discover each day as Christmas approaches. Don’t forget to carol as you go!


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