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Nick Jr. Springtime Flower Pots

Paint pots featuring your child's favorite Nick Jr. friends and get planting for Spring!

Nick Jr. Springtime Flower Pots

Spring has sprung and there’s no one better to help celebrate the warm weather than your child’s favorite Nick Jr. friends! These flower pots are the perfect activity for you and your kid to work on together.

What You’ll Need

Printable templates (print below!)

2 Sheets carbon paper

1 4.5” Diameter clay pot

1 Scissor

White Glue

Yellow glitter glue

Purple glitter

Costume pearl embellishments

Paints (tan, blue, purple, pink, white, yellow, black)

3 Brushes (recommended sizes: 1/2, #1 & #5)


Black marker

Black paint pen (fine point for detail work)

Masking tape


Print Now

How to Make

Step One: Download the template and print out onto 8.5×11 paper. Select your child’s favorite character, or make all four!

Step Two: Use scissors to cut the template following cut marks.

Nick Jr. Springtime Flower Pots

Step Three: Trace edge of the cut template pieces onto the back side of the carbon paper (the lighter side).

Step Four: Using masking tape, tape both the cut carbon paper and cut template to the clay pot. The black side of the carbon paper should face the clay pot.

Nick Jr. Springtime Flower Pots

Step Five: Paint the image! Use a black paint pen for fine detail work and a black marker to finish off the outlines.

Step Six: Glue glitter to the lantern detail and add pearl embellishments to the headband. Set aside to dry.

Nick Jr. Spingtime Flower Pots

Step Seven: Transfer your favorite springtime plant into the newly crafted pot. Boom Zahramay!

Nick Jr. Spingtime Flower Pots

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