Make Candy Heart Picture Frames

This easy craft can be a sweet treat for your Valentine.

Try this easy Valentine’s Day craft to sweeten-up the day. Select a photo to give as a gift. Use popsicle sticks to make a simple frame. Decorate with conversation hearts, red hots, or other Valentines candy.

What You’ll Need: 

Popsicle sticks

Hot glue gun

Various Valentine’s Day candy (think red, white, and pink)

Selected photos

Magnet or string


How to Make:

Step 1: Position popsicle sticks around the perimeter of a photo, as a frame. Glue together at corners and glue back to the photo.

Step 2: Decorate popsicle stick frame with candies.

Step 3: Add magnets to the back for a fridge display or add string to hang on a wall.


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