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PAW Patrol Look-Out Tower Theater Craft

Assemble the printable template to create a stage for your child's PAW Patrol toys!

PAW Patrol Look-Out Tower Theater Craft

Turn a paper towel roll into the PAW Patrol Look-Out Tower for hours of creative play with the pups!

(Difficulty: Medium)

What You’ll Need

Look-Out Tower theater templates (print below)
Paper towel roll
Cereal box

Print Now

How to Make

Step One: Print the PAW Patrol Puppet Theater templates on card stock or heavy weight paper, and cut out all the pieces.

Step Two: Create the base of the tower by folding along the solid lines until the shape is formed. Affix with glue.

Step Three: Wrap the tower template around the paper towel roll. Place the paper towel roll into the base created in Step 2.

Step Four: Attach the tower top to the roll by sliding paper towel roll into the slits created into the template.

Step Five: Break apart a cereal box and glue the background templates to the cereal box.

Step Six: Fold the puppet template in half, fold up along the solid lines at the base of the template. Glue in the center so the puppet will be double-sided. Do not glue the base. Repeat this step to create all other puppets.

Step Seven: Place the tower in front of the background and put on a show with the PAW Patrol pups!