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Rainbow Zahramay Tie-Dye Craft

Bring some rainbow magic to your child's wardrobe.

Rainbow Zarahmay Tie-Dye Craft

Do you wish you had the perfect, time-tested summer activity to do with your preschooler? Grab a plain white t-shirt and add some rainbow magic! Your child can proudly wear their creation as they hike, bike, and play in the summer sun. Follow these easy steps to bring the bold colors of Zahramay Falls to your child’s wardrobe.

What You’ll Need

White t-shirt
Iron-on decal (print  below!)
Rubber bands
Plastic squeeze bottles

Print Now

How to Make

Step One: Prep the supplies and shirt: Fill the plastic bottles with water and dye. Fold the t-shirt in an accordion fold, like a fan. This will help create white banding when the dye is applied.

Rainbow Zarahmay Tie-Dye Craft

Step Two: Gather the folded t-shirt into bunches, about 1.5 inches apart. Secure the bottom edges with rubber bands.

Step Three: Squeeze one color of dye on each bunch, being careful to stay within the confines of the rubber-banded sections.

Rainbow Zarahmay Tie-Dye Craft

Step Four: Cut the rubber bands and rinse the shirt. After washing and drying the t-shirt on “delicate” wash and dry settings, print the decal on iron-on paper and follow the instructions on the paper’s box to add to the t-shirt.

Rainbow Zarahmay Tie-Dye Craft

Kids will be zahramazed at their magical designs!


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