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Room, Zahramay! Shimmer and Shine Bedroom Inspiration

Here's how fans helped us create the ultimate Dreamy Genie Bedroom.

Teamwork is everything in Shimmer and Shine. In the past two months, we teamed up with fans to dream up a beautiful Shimmer-and-Shine-inspired bedroom. Nick Jr. Fan Club members received an exclusive invite to become guest pinners. Our brilliant designistas pinned away, and we promised to deliver a real-life kid’s bedroom based on their inspirational and aspirational ideas.

Well, fans, you perfectly captured the essence of the show with sparkles, poofs, patterns with pizazz, and other purely genie-us contributions!

The results of your work?

The time has come for us to reveal the most dazzling Shimmer and Shine bedroom divine:

Genie Bedroom

Thanks to our fans, we at Nickelodeon can better inform our consumer-product designs, and when Shimmer and Shine bedding hits the shelves next fall, we’ll be ready with products widely wished for.

Follow us on Pinterest and join the Nick Jr. Fan Club for more opportunities to get inspired with us.


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