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Seasonal TMNT Pie Recipes

Dessert, dudes! Bake these mouth-watering Turtle-Powered pies.

Seasonal TMNT Pies

You are what you eat. If the famous saying holds true, then the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are 100% pizza. The Heroes in a Half Shell are the undisputed kings of scarfing down tomato pies. But these adorable, autumn-inspired pies made by Alice at Cutie Pies might just convince the Turtles to start chomping down on something sweet!

Here are Alice’s pro-tips for making your own TMNT pies at home:

Pro Pie Tip #1: Our fillings get their color and flavor from natural ingredients, without loads of sugary frosting, artificial flavors or preservatives. All you’ll need is a little patience and a high tolerance for compliments!

For all of these, you can start with store bought, pre-rolled pie dough if you’re short on time.

Sewer Pie: Your taste buds will be shouting, “Cowabunga!” with this mutagen-green pie.

Seasonal TMNT Pies

Pro Pie Tip #2: Add some street-cred to your bake with a manhole cover pie. This idea works with any filling, not just the key “slime” used here. You can use your child’s favorite flavor or opaque, key lime custard with some electric green food coloring for an authentic, “mutagenic” appearance. Fruit juice, a little sugar and tapioca starch create a thick, jellied consistency.

If opting for custard, lay pre-baked cutouts on top of finished pie.

Ninja Turtle Pies: Four Turtles, four flavors–all Turtle-y tasty!

Seasonal TMNT Pies

Pro Pie Tip #3: Print the Turtles’ faces to scale with the top of your pie pan (try these), trace the mask, eyes, and mouth onto parchment paper with a pencil, and cut out. Erase the pencil marks before laying atop the remaining crust.

Seasonal TMNT Pies

To assure your cutouts won’t wind up baked under fillings (some puff while baking), bake the bottom crusts and fillings separately from the cutouts. Lay your cutouts atop the finished pies and voila—a team of tasty Turtles!

Seasonal TMNT Pies

Suggestions for fillings:

Michelangelo: pumpkin, sweet potato, or persimmon
Leonardo: buttermilk or coconut custard with natural blue food coloring
Raphael: raspberry, cranberry, or a blend of red fruits
Donatello: purple sweet potato

Seasonal TMNT Pies

You are what you eat. It looks like we’re all heroes! Who’s ready for dessert?


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