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Make Your Own Fancy Mocktail Flute for New Year’s Eve

Why not add some Shimmer & Shine to your celebration?

New Year's Champagne Flutes

These DIY dazzling drinking glasses will be the toast of the town.


(Difficulty Level: Easy)

What You’ll Need

Plastic champagne flutes

Masking tape (at least 1 1/2-inches-wide)

Elmer’s glue

Assortment of sequins, rhinestones, and glitter (pink and blue)


How to Make

Step One: Apply masking tape around the mouth of each flute so that the top inch and a half of the flute, below the rim, is completely covered. This will prevent your little one from applying glitter too close to the “sipping zone.”

Step Two: Use glue and assortment of sequins, rhinestones, and glitter to decorate freely.

Step Three: Allow at least two hours to dry before filling with your little genie’s favorite fizzy drink. Boom Zahramay and Happy New Years!


Lovey-Dovey Pups