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Teletubbies Sun Baby Craft

Paul the Dad teaches us how to craft that famous sun out of cardboard for adorable child photo ops!

Teletubbies Sun Baby Craft

Meet Paul! Eh-oh, Paul.

Paul is a Nickelodeon Parent (just like you). Paul loves making enormous dinosaur sculptures out of cardboard in his backyard (just like you???).

OK, so maybe Paul isn’t an average Nickelodeon dad, but he made us a DIY Teletubbies Craft that is simple, silly, and full of sunshine that you can recreate at home:

What You’ll Need

1 Large panel of cardboard (from a big box)
1 Hula hoop
1 Dinner plate
1 Pair of scissors, or a utility knife (grownups only!)
1 Tube or can of yellow paint
1 Paintbrush
1 Pencil or marker
1 Tube or bottle of yellow/golden glitter

How to Make

Step One: Place the hula hoop over the cardboard panel and trace around it with a pencil or marker.

Step Two: Place the dinner plate in the center of the hula hoop and trace around the plate with a pencil or marker.

Step Three: Cut out the dinner plate circle to form the hole to look through.

Step Four: Draw the sun beams on the cardboard using the hula hoop circle as a guide to how far the beams should go. You can draw beyond the circle on the cardboard, just try to make the beams relatively equal in size, so the end result will look like a big round sun. The beams don’t have to be perfect, it’s okay if each beam is different.

Step Five: Cut the sun beam line that you’ve created to form your very own sun!

Step Six: Get some newspaper or paper towels and place them on the surface/table. Place the cardboard sun over the newspaper/paper towels. Now you’re ready to paint!

Step Seven: Paint the cardboard sun yellow. Wear some sunglasses if it gets too bright.

Step Eight: While the paint is still wet, sprinkle some yellow/golden glitter over the card board sun. Allow some time for the paint to dry and…

Step Nine: Rise and shine! Take pics and send them our way!

The finished product is perfect for adorable preschool photo ops, waking your kids up in the morning, or wearing as you emerge from behind furniture to signify the passage of time during theatrical moments at home. While you’re crafting, keep your sun kid happy with coloring sheets of their favorite Teletubbies:


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