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Big Stretches with Tiny Chef: A Step-by-Step Yoga Guide

Blello! Check out Chef's step-by-step guide to some key yoga moves.

Do a Big Stretch with Tiny Chef

Blello and blelcome! Grab your chef hats and yoga mats – it’s time to join Tiny Chef’s yoga class!

Even Chefs need to relax and unwind from the craziness in the kitchen. Grab your friends, kids, grandparents, and pets to follow along these easy steps to get into the zen. No matter your skill level, just do your best and remember to have fun! 



Warrior Pose! Do Yoga with Tiny Chef

Step #1: Get into a lunge position. Put one foot in front of the other with your feet facing forward and lean into your front foot!

Step #2: Extend your arms out WIDE to match your feet! The same leg that is in FRONT should be the same arm out in front. The same leg that is BEHIND you should be the same arm behind you. 

Step #3: Take a deep breath! 

Blamazing job, keep it up!



Tiny Chef Does Yoga! Tree Stump Pose

While this might look like it could STUMP ya, Tiny Chef, Ruby and Henry believe in you! 

Step #1: Pick a leg you can stand on by itself! 

Step #2: With the other leg, switch your balance and stand on one foot. Place the bottom of your foot to the knee of your leg you’re standing on. Almost there!

Step #3: Take both of your hands and place the palms of your hands together in a ‘prayer’ pose. 

Blada!! You’ve done it! 



Do Downward Dog with Tiny Chef!

Time to take it to the floor! 

Step #1: Get down onto the floor and position yourself on your hands and knees. Flex your feet and put your toes into the floor. 

Step #2: With all your might, push your hips upward to the sky! Your body should make a TRIANGLE shape. 

Looking gweat– wemembow to twy your best!



Cat Cow Pose with Tiny Chef

You can easily go from downward dog to cat cow! Here’s how…

Step #1: Slowly lower yourself down to the mat by bringing your hips down first and getting back to your original position before downward dog- on your hands and knees. 

Step #2: Once you’re on your hands and knees, push your chest upward and arch your back. This is the COW position, MOO-tastic! 

Step #3: Now that you’ve achieved the COW, let’s do the CAT! Reverse your arched back and raise your back to the sky. MEOW-ful!


And there you have it! You’ve completed Tiny Chef’s yoga class! Tewwific job! Now that you’re done, check out more from Tiny Chef right here. Lub yew so much, bye!