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TMNT Bento-style Donnie and April Lunch Recipe

Lunchbox Dad teaches how to make a Ninja Turtle meal featuring Donnie and April.

TMNT Bento-style Donnie and April Lunch Recipe

I might not play favorites with my kids, but I certainly do with my Ninja Turtles. Ever since I was a child, Donatello was my all-around favorite Turtle. I don’t know if it was his mastery of engineering, or how he overcame enemies with his bo staff, but he was always number one in my book. My kids disagree with me—and I can live with that.

If your kids favor the smartest Turtle of them all, you should make this Donatello and April lunch for them!

What You’ll Need

½ Avocado
2 Slices whole wheat bread
1 Slice cheddar cheese
1 Slice of meat
1 Pretzel stick
Fruit rolls (brown, red, and yellow colored)
Dried mango
1 Babybel cheese round
Purple grapes
Black edible marker

Bonus: Print out this awesome Donnie lunch note and coloring page created by Designer Daddy and send a special message along with lunch.

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How to Make

Step One: Make sandwich with meat and cheese between two slices of bread. Cut in four square pieces. Arrange slightly apart in main compartment. Place half an avocado on top, face-down. Draw lines on the skin with black edible marker to create the turtle shell.

Step Two: Cut a piece of brown fruit roll into a three long, narrow pieces. Repeat with the yellow and red fruit rolls and set these ones aside. Wrap one brown fruit roll piece around the middle of a pretzel stick (Donnie’s bo staff). Place the second one over the avocado like a belt and the third one diagonal like a shoulder strap. Place the pretzel bo staff on top of the belt to complete Donatello’s shell and bo staff.

Step Three: Fill side compartment with dried mango. Cut half of the red wax off of Babybel cheese round. Slice a few very small pieces off of the remaining wax to look like April’s bangs, as shown. Cut the very bottom off the cheese so it is flat, as shown. Place a yellow fruit roll strip on top for her headband. Place 6-7 red strips of fruit roll atop the dried mango and position April’s head on top so that the red fruit roll resembles her ponytail.

*Optional: You can use anything small and dark (raisin, nori, edible modeling dough, etc.) to make her eyebrows.

Step Four: Fill side compartment with purple grapes. Cut the letters “T,” “M,” “N,” “T” out of a flour tortilla. Place them on top of the grapes.


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