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TMNT Bento-style Leonardo Lunch Recipe

Lunchbox Dad teaches how to make a Ninja Turtle meal featuring Leo, the Kraang, and mutagen.

TMNT Bento-style Leonardo Lunch Recipe

Leonardo is the leader of the Turtles–I’m pretty sure it’s why he’s my son’s favorite. Well, that and the fact that he wields two awesome katana swords! Of course, you can’t have a hero without a villain, so I’ve also put the dreaded Kraang in this lunch. The Kraang are the ultimate villains, but your kids can defeat them with just one bite.

What You’ll Need
2 Slices whole wheat bread
2 Slices provolone cheese
1 Serving fresh spinach leaves
1 Handful blueberries
1 Hot dog
8-10 Snap peas
1 Serving of yogurt
Green food coloring
Green sprinkles (optional)

Bonus: Print out this awesome Leo lunch note and coloring page created by Designer Daddy and send a special message along with lunch.

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How to Make

Step One: Use a circle cookie cutter to cut two circles out of the bread slices. Repeat with slice of cheese. Stack circles on top of each other with cheese on top. Cover cheese with spinach leaves to make an open faced sandwich that looks like Leonardo’s head.

Step Two: Place sandwich in main compartment of lunchbox. Arrange blueberries on spinach to form Leo’s mask. If needed, use a little cream cheese to hold blueberries in place. Cut eyes and mouth from the remaining provolone cheese. Place eyes on mask and mouth as shown in the photo. Drop remaining blueberries around Leo’s head.

Step Three: Slice hot dog in half, width-wise, and then cut the bottom of each half into the Kraang tentacles.  Cut open one snap pea casing and remove the peas from inside. Use toothpicks to to hold peas on hot dogs for the Kraang eyes. Arrange remaining snap peas in side compartment. Place Kraang hot dogs on top of snap peas as shown.

Step Four: Mix a small amount of green food coloring into a bowl of yogurt to turn it into mutagen. Pour mutagen into remaining lunchbox side compartment. If desired, use a few green sprinkles on top of mutagen yogurt.

Serve to your Ninja Turtle loving kids and watch their smiles grow totally huge!


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