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TMNT Mikey Tissue Box Craft

Conquer any winter cold with a pizza-powered project.

TMNT Mikey Tissue Box Craft

Life isn’t always filled with epic pizza eating and world saving. Sometimes, a villain comes in and spoils all the fun; a villain that’s even more worse than the Shredder–a winter cold! The sniffles can be a tough enemy to defeat, but with Turtle Power in your arsenal, the battle will be a lot less scary. Build a Mikey tissue box and combat any cold with a dose of “cowabunga!” Any Ninja Turtles fan, young or old, will love it.

What You’ll Need
Tissue box, cube-shaped
Mikey templates (print below!)
Construction paper in lime green, light blue, black, white, and orange
Black marker
Green marker

Print Now

How to Make

Note: Use photo for reference when shaping and arranging the free form elements.

Step One: Pop out the oval top of the tissue box.

Step Two: Cut out the green construction paper to cover all sides of the tissue box, and glue down.

Step Three: Trace the Mikey templates (mask front, sides, back ties, and teeth) onto their corresponding colored paper.

Step Four: Cut out two white paper rectangles and glue behind the mask holes. Trace a nickel on the light blue paper to make the iris. Cut out a black smaller circle for the pupil. Glue the irises and pupils to the top of the whites. Glue the mask to the box.

Step Five: Using the black marker, draw a line onto the teeth. Glue the teeth onto the box.

Step Six: Using the green marker, draw freckle dots onto Mikey’s cheeks.

Step Seven: Tape mask ties onto the back of the box so they’re peeking out the side. Set aside to dry.

The best part about this craft? You can customize it for yours or your child’s favorite Turtle!


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