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TMNT Pizza Wreath

How to mutate your boring wreath into a cowabunga classic

TMNT Holiday Pizza Wreath

Deck the halls with…a super cheesy TMNT holiday wreath! In a few easy steps you can create this mutant masterpiece, too.

What You’ll Need

Foam Ring

Felt (brown, red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, green, white, and black)

Pom Poms

Cotton Stuffing

Glitter Glue

Hot Glue

How to Make:

Step One:  Take foam ring and glue thick strips of brown felt to cover the entire surface.

Step Two: Cut and glue red felt in splatter shape onto wreath.

Step Three: Cut pieces of yellow and orange felt and glue to wreath.

Step Four: Assemble Turtle heads by:

  • Cut eight green felt ovals
  • Partially glue the side of one oval, place cotton stuffing inside, and attach other green oval
  • Glue eye masks, eyes, and mouth to each of the Turtle’s head

Step Five: Glue Turtles to wreath.

Step Six: Assemble weapons and sewer lids by:

  • Cut pieces of black felt into Sai and sewer lids
  • Cut brown felt into the same size as the weapon handle
  • Use glitter glue to paint accent onto “metal” pieces
  • Glue brown felt onto the handle of weapon

Step Seven: Attach Sai and sewer lids to wreath.

Step Eight: Glue pompoms and other decor to your wreath.


Hang someplace where everyone could appreciate your masterpiece, just don’t eat it!

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