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TMNT Snow Globe Craft

Grab an action figure and try out this winter DIY project!

TMNT Snow Globe

Shake out your holiday stress with a TMNT themed snow globe that’s so easy to assemble, even a turtle could do it. So, grab an extra action figure and follow these simple steps.

What You’ll Need 

1 Large Jar (1 gal)

TMNT figure

Mini Trees

Hot Glue Gun

Waterproof Glue


Pizza Confetti


Plastic Cup

Decoupage Glue

Printed Background of your choice

How to Make

Step One: Cut the plastic cup horizontally in half.

Step Two: Glue the bottom half of the cup upside down to the bottom side of the jar lid.

Step Three: Attach the mini trees to the plastic cup with hot glue.

Step Four: Hot glue Turtle figure on top of the cup.

Step Five: Pour pizza confetti and glitter into the jar. Then, add about a half a bottle of glycerin.

Step Six: Fill jar with water.

Step Seven: Squeeze waterproof glue around rim of the jar and screw on lid. Let it dry.

Step Eight: Decoupage printed background onto the jar.

Step Nine: Shake it with ninja-like enthusiasm.

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