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Your Ultimate Rugrats Shopping Guide

For the love of babies! 

A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do: Buy merch! 

Rugrats Tee – Little Kid / Big Kid – Purple

It’s the season of tie-dye. Don’t fight it, just wear it.

Reptar Rawr Plush Blanket

Baby says: Rawr! Wrap yourself up in a Reptar blanket.

Juniors Rugrats Susie Watercolor Tee

It’s Everyone’s favorite big kid! Rock Susie in watercolor. 

Rugrats Chuckie Finster Struggle Is Real T-Shirt

Chucky! Chucky! Chucky!  The struggle is real. On a T-shirt. We feel you.

Rugrats Rainbow Circle Group Shot Premium T-Shirt

The gang’s all here. Emblazoned on a black tee.

Nickelodeon Rugrats Guide to Adulting Hardcover Book

Those ‘90s kids might be all grown up now, but adulting is hard work. Take a page from this book.