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Warm and Fuzzy Holiday Ornaments

Cute and cozy DIY interpretations of your child's favorite Nick Jr. friends

Warm & Fuzzy Ornaments

A few pieces of felt will make your heart melt! Check out these simple and adorable holiday ornaments of Marshall, Shine, Blaze and Peppa Pig. Felted to fuzzy perfection and displayed on a snowy landscape or a tree, these ornaments scream cuddly holiday happiness.

(Difficulty Level: Difficult)

What You’ll Need

Wool Felt in variety of colors. depending on character
Wool Roving in variety of colors, depending on character
Felting needles, fine and coarse
Foam felting block
Fabric glue
Character Template (print below!)
Printer Paper
Double sided tape
White All-Purpose thread
Sewing needle
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Polyester batting
Silver thread

Print Now

How to Make (Instructions for Peppa as a guide for all):

Step One: Print Peppa Pig template on printer paper. Loosely cut out template with scissors. Apply double sided tape on back and stick to pink wool felt.

Step Two: Cut along outside of Peppa. Repeat and set one shape aside.

Step Three: Place template on red wool felt and cut out Peppa’s dress. Using a small amount of fabric glue, attach dress to Peppa’s body.

Step Four: Place template on light pink wool felt and cut out Peppa’s nose. Using a small amount of fabric glue, attach nose to Peppa’s body.

Step Five: With a craft knife on a cutting mat, cut out eyes, nostrils, mouth, cheek and shoes from Peppa template.

Step Six: Place template on your felt Peppa, holding in place with double sided tape. On a foam felting block, begin to needle felt Peppa’s face features and shoes with the indicated felt fiber colors (black for eyes, fuchsia for mouth and nostrils, pink for cheek and black for shoes). Using a coarse felting needle and small bits of fibers, pounce in a straight up and down motion, staying inside the template lines.

Step Seven: Remove template and use a fine felting needle to refine the details of Peppa’s facial features. Add a teeny white ball of wool fiber to eyes to create pupil. Once felting is complete, stack felted Peppa on top of remaining pink Peppa shape.

Step Eight: Thread a needle with white All-Purpose thread and knot the tail ends together. Stitch around Peppa using a ⅛” blanket stitch, leaving a small opening and stuff Peppa with polyester batting.

Step Nine: Once stuffed, finish blanket stitching around and knot to secure. Thread a needle with silver thread and poke through Peppa at top center creating a loop for hanging. Knot loop and your warm and fuzzy Peppa ornament is ready for the holidays!