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5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Easy crafts, cards, and coloring pages to get into the spirit.

Got a mama on your mind? Here are five ways little kids can make the day a little extra special for Mother’s Day!

  1. Mami, Mummy Pig, Mrs. Pepper, Queen Mom and Helen Zoom are here to play. Celebrate these special ladies by adding a splash of color to this printable coloring pack.Nick Jr. Mother's Day Coloring Pack
  2. Whether kids help with the dishes or just give an extra big hug, this coupon book is good for one happy mom on Mother’s Day!
  3. Kids can give special moms in their lives a rainbow full of beautiful paper flowers.
    Dora Mother's Day Tissue Paper Flower Craft
  4. Little guppies can tell mom she’s fin-tastic with a jumbo printable card.
  5. Or print some paw-some stickers to tell mom she’s number one.