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Camp Noggin: Be a Scientist!

5 things you can do with your child during Scientist Week at Camp Noggin

Welcome to Camp Noggin! This summer, your child can spend 4 weeks with their favorite Noggin characters playing and learning! Help your child follow their passions as they explore 4 different themes, earn special badges, get one-of-a-kind Camper Kits, and share their work in our gallery!

This week is Scientist Week! Here are 5 things you can do with your child:

1. Learn what the words scientist and hypothesis mean and prepare to do simple experiments!

Visit the Scientist Tent 


2. Print their Scientist Camper Kit and read a letter from their new pen pal, Molly!

Print Our Camper Kit 


3. Play Sink or Float Tic-Tac-Toe! Make a hypothesis about which objects will sink and which will float. Can campers get three guesses right in a row?

Print and Play


4. Learn fascinating facts about not-so-creepy crawly things. Did you know that grasshoppers lived before dinosaurs? It’s true!

Read Fun Facts 


5. If you’re a Noggin subscriber, your child can visit Camp Noggin in the app! Watch videos, read, and explore our scientist-themed activities designed to help kids grow their noggins. Not a subscriber? Try Noggin for FREE for 7 days!

Get 7 Days Free