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DIY Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper Shakers

Spice up your tablespread with this simple and easy party hack!

Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper DIY

Bring more of Blue’s buddies into the party with this easy party hack. With just a few easy supplies you’ll have Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper ready to join the fun (and season your food)!



  • Clear Salt & Pepper Shakers (available at any dollar store)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Four Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Black And Pink Paint Pens
  • Tape



Step 1: Fill one shaker with salt, the other with pepper.


 Step 2: Fold pipe cleaners into hands 

Blue's Clues Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper process photo

Step 3: Affix folded pipe cleaners to the back of each shaker using a piece of tape.

Step 4: Draw faces with paint pens, using the above picture as your guide

And that’s it!t Trés fancy! Trés easy!

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