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DIY Top Wing Swift Halloween Costume

This costume is sure to be a high-flying success!


What You’ll Need

Orange kids turtleneck

White kids pants

White bike helmet

Head Microphone

Orange high tops

Turquoise kids gloves

3 dark orange buttons

Felt sheets, light orange, dark orange, light grey, dark grey, white, turquoise

Self Adhesive Fun Foam, grey and brown

Egg carton

Grey paint

Elastic string

Orange trim

Black trim

Hot glue gun and sticks



How to Make

Step One: To re-create Swift’s costume, start by adding 3 dark orange buttons with a hot glue gun to a plain orange kids turtleneck. Cut 2 wide strips of dark orange felt and glue them along the armholes.


Step Two: To make Swift’s chest logo, print out the 3 1/2” long logo and use it as a stencil to cut it out of your light grey, dark grey and white self adhesive felt. Assemble it.


Step Three: For Swift’s belt, measure around your child’s waist, then use this measurement to cut a 1 1/2” wide black trim. Make a custom belt buckle by cutting out a 1 1/2”x 3” grey fun foam.


Step Four: Using a glue gun, attach orange trim to the side seams of white kids pants.

Step Five: Using the photo above for reference, customize a store purchased helmet. Using a glue gun, attach a 6” wide light orange strip in the center of the helmet, tapering it at the edges. Cut out a custom dark orange felt diamond shape that gets glued in the front. Cut out 1 custom shaped brown fun foam fin and attach to the helmet top. Attach 1/2” wide strip of dark orange felt alongside the helmet, Cut out 2 foam circles 3 1/2” in diameter, cover them with orange felt. Add lighter orange felt rims on top. Make 2 orange felt logos like the chest logo from Step Two. Adhere in the middle of the circles. Glue a microphone on the right side of the helmet.

Step Six: For the beak, cut 2 sections of the egg carton, slice each one forming the beak shapes, glue them together, paint them grey. Poke holes on the sides with an awl and attach the elastic.

Step Seven: For the tail, cut out 3 turquoise tear drop felt shapes, glue them together forming a tail. Attach to the belt in the back.

Step Eight: Accessorize orange high tops with 3 brown strips.

Step Nine: Add turquoise kids gloves to complete the costume.

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