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Dora and Friends Popcorn Holders

Print, fold, and fill these popcorn holders with your favorite treats!

Dora and Friends Popcorn Holders

Snack time with Dora is always more exciting! In place of a bowl, opt for this cool container. Simply print, fold, and fill with popcorn or other finger foods.

(Difficulty Level: Easy)

What You’ll Need

Dora & Friends Popcorn Holder Templates






Dora and Friends Popcorn Holders

Step 1: Print the templates out on card stock paper and cut out the popcorn holder.

Step 2: Fold along the solid lines until the popcorn holder shape is formed. Once folded, apply glue to the tabs to hold the shape in place.


Dora and Friends Popcorn Holders

Step 3: Allow time for the popcorn holder to dry before filling with popcorn or a treat of your choice!

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