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Holiday Gift Guide for the Energetic Explorer

Awesome gift ideas for kids who love exploring.

Gift Guide for the Energetic ExplorerWhat do you give the Energetic Explorer? You know, the child who leaves no rock unturned and is always raring to go on an awesome, fun-filled outdoor adventure?

Check out our gift guide for your little adventurer:

  1. 16” TMNT Boys’ Bike
    TMNT BikeRide around the neighborhood in totally rad Turtle style.
  2. TMNT Aluminum Folding Scooter
    TMNT Scooter
    For ninjas who need to get to the scene quick!
  3. TMNT Walkie Talkies
    TMNT Walkies
    Explorers need to stay in touch when covering uncharted territory!
  4. TMNT AT-3 with Leo Action Figure
    TMNT AT-3 with Leo Action FigureAll-terrain TMNT, for when the path less travelled is also the path less-paved.
  5. SpongeBob Fishing Kit
    SpongeBob Fishing KitHead outside and catch one every time with this fishing set.
  6. TMNT Party Wagon
    TMNT Party Wagon
    Ain’t no party like a TMNT party…wagon!
  7. TMNT Combat Gear, Donatello
    TMNT Role Play Combat Gear
    Because they can’t fight crime without gearing up and looking the part!
  8. SpongeBob Adventure Kit
    SpongeBob Adventure Kit
    Take playtime to new heights with SpongeBob.

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